consolid8 Festival is elevating your festival experience to new heights this year by introducing four incredible satellite events that will fuse on technology and sustainability.
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1. Shape the Future of Sustainable Cities

Over 80% of the global GDP is generated in cities. Any urban growth comes with resource consumption and waste generation, along with a whole set of challenges regarding their impact on the environment and citizens. In the absence of a sustainable vision, as urbanization increases, so do these challenges. However, at the confluence of business, residents, and governmental actors, opportunities can be created for transforming the linear, consumption-based model into a circular one, limiting the impact right from the beginning of processes and throughout, including material collection, waste processing, energy and natural resource conservation, as well as new business models and product design that incorporate circular thinking.

For about 3 hours, alongside Adelina Dabu, a public affairs and sustainability expert, you will explore innovative solutions that transition from linear consumption to a circular economy.               

Ready to shape a sustainable city?

2. Manipulation and validation in a ReactJS app

In collaboration with our partner, Enovatika, we're excited to present the "Manipulation and Validation in a ReactJS Application Workshop." The event will take place at Digital Nation Hub Brasov on 23 September at 17:30 PM.

Empowering you to craft applications that stand out. Join the event and for 3 hours dive deep into scalable principles for React applications, on forms, data transfer, validation and API structure with Axios and scalability for a SaaS. All you have to do is send us an email expressing your interest to take part in this event.

Unlock Greater Value with Advanced JavaScript in Your Applications!


3. Climate Action – a race to the top for corporations

SMEs, the backbone of the Romanian economy, are not properly informed on either the risks or the opportunities of the transition. Romanian entrepreneurs must develop new mindsets and approaches to not fall behind in the global race to the top when it comes to sustainability. 

With the support of Environmental Defense Fund, the workshop aims to inspire and engage local entrepreneurs, expanding their perspectives on the opportunities and resources accessible to forward-thinking business leaders who prioritize climate concerns. 

Explore ways we can combat climate change together.