About ourspecial event

We believe in the power of innovation and creativity to transform the education efforts in Romania and shape a brighter future for our people. Within a festival dedicated to green tech and sustainability, we have started this special contest together with LG because we both wanted to bring forward and celebrate initiatives that are shaping the future of education through tech and innovative thinking.

Education will always remain the foundation upon which society thrives. We all know that there are numerous obstacles and complexities that hinder its potential, but there are also plenty of brave and visionary people who are tirelessly bringing down barriers in their efforts to transform the educational process for all members of the community. We deem it important to highlight those initiatives and people whom we call the Edu-Transformers of society.

This is a contest for passionate innovators to showcase their groundbreaking ideas and initiatives. Whether you have developed a cutting-edge technology that enhances learning experiences, a project that tackles educational inequality, or a program that promotes digital literacy, we want to hear from you! We encourage all education enthusiasts, entrepreneurs, teachers, students, and professionals to participate and join us in building a better and more sustainable future for education in Romania.

Why did we Partner with LG?

Because LG is a global technology company that aims to help improve people's lives through its innovative solutions. With technology being ubiquitous and increasingly present in our lives, LG Electronics aims to provide sustainable and environmentally friendly solutions. One of their most important desires is to bring green technology closer to people, make it more accessible and inspire them to make choices that contribute to a better future. They believe in science, in technology, but most importantly in people and they want to support them on their journey towards a sustainable future. By participating in this event, LG will be able to share its experience and expertise in technology and promote its innovative and sustainable green energy solutions. LG is committed to developing advanced and sustainable technologies such as solar panels, energy storage systems and energy-efficient appliances that can help reduce greenhouse gas emissions and protect the environment. Through its involvement in consolid8 Festival, LG reaffirms its commitment to help create a more sustainable future for our planet and improve people's lives through innovative and sustainable technology. They are further aiding us power up this contest and took the commitment to equip the top 3 Edu-Transformers with new electronics to help them in their efforts to transform the education process through tech.

Click here and find out more about LG and its projects.

Edu-Transformers Award Ceremony

Andrei Ilie, ID/LED Technical Sales Engineer at LG Electronics, announced the winners of the Edu-Transformers Award initiative on 23 September 2023 at consolid8 Talks Conference.

The purpose of the competition was to discover groundbreaking initiatives aimed at improving learning experiences in the context of digital transition and technological transformation.

"27 passionate innovators from the education field participated in the competition, and although we will only award 3 of them, I want to express my gratitude to all for their dedication and enthusiasm in shaping a brighter future for our communities through education.", said Andrei Ilie.

The complete list of submitted applications is available here.

Meet our winners

Edu-Transformers of society are as follows:


  • 1st PlaceBit&R is an educational platform designed for children aged 8-12, allowing them to learn programming by building their own games and sharing them with friends.
  • 2nd PlaceNoa Dent Research is a versatile platform that bridges the gap between an educational marketplace in the medical field and a marketplace for medical equipment.
  • 3rd PlaceAI Driven Education (AIDE) is revolutionizing education by employing a virtual professor equipped with Natural Language Processing (NLP), multimodal learning, and personalized curriculum features to make learning content more engaging for each unique user.


Why participate

Recognition and visibility

Get the appreciation you deserve and showcase your idea to a wide audience from the consolid8 Talks stage.

Feedback and validation

Expand your view and receive insights and support from experts and judges to refine and improve your work further.

Find your people

Meet other changemakers and people who take initiative when needed because this can be the perfect space for you to find perfect future collaborators.

Funding opportunities

Get your shoot to impress investors and potential sponsors who are looking for smart initiatives that are bringing tech closer to education.

Grow your network

Mingle with hundreds of DOers, experts and business owners and expand your professional connections.

Inspire and motivate

Lead the way and double the impact of your initiative and bring into the spotlight the potential of tech in enhancing learning.

Who can participate

There are no limits when it comes to celebrating well-thought initiatives that bring education and innovation together, that is why we are inviting:

  • organizations 
  • individuals
  • groups of individuals
  • initiative groups in Romania

to showcase their ideas and receive recognition for contributing to the creation of a Good Life through education. 

If you have developed technologies, projects or programmes in the field of education that you are implementing or you are working on elaborating solutions to existing problems in the field of education in Romania, we want to hear all about them. 

Join the contest and let us put the spotlight on initiatives worth spreading.

How can you participate?

We keep it simple, easy and on point because innovation takes time and you do not need to spend it in the wrong place. Tell us shortly about:

  • your initiative/ program/ project or solution and how does it play a role in the field of education
  • its innovative character
  • what makes it sustainable or green
  • what is your strategy to scale it

You can either record a video and send us the pitch with the answers to all of the above-mentioned points or fill in the form we have prepared for you. Based on your preference, chose one of the sign-up methods and submit your proposal by September 1st.

All applications received will be evaluated in an ongoing regime until the 8th of September and the final winners will be announced and awarded on stage during the consolid8 Talks Conference on the 23rd of September.

What can you win?

1st place - LG CreateBoard

LG CreateBoard offers a variety of educational templates and teaching tools such as a ruler, table, and sticky notes, allowing for active engagement by students and enabling intuitive classes.

Editing images and videos becomes easy with LG CreateBoard, and created resources can be easily shared with others through QR codes.

2nd place - LG UltraFine Monitor with Ergo Stand

The Ergo is a welcome innovation for anyone who spends a significant amount of time at their desk. LG’s technologically and ergonomically advanced stand helps to promote good posture through its high degree of adjustability, enabling each user to create a perfectly customized workstation.

3rd place - LG UltraWide Monitor Full HD

The LG UltraWide monitor comes with an ergonomic design that allows the height, tilt and rotation of the stand to be adjusted to create a more personal and comfortable workstation.

Meet the jury members

Cristiana Bogateanu

Tech start-up business mentor and advisor | HealthTech & LifeSciences BizDev Specialist @ Nagarro

In her new role at Nagarro which she embraced last year, she contributes to the Life Sciences & Healthcare Business Unit's growth along with a team of worldwide experts. Cristiana was an organizational leader, CEO at ROTSA, and serial entrepreneur who co-founded eight startups. Today she is part of multiple international startup acceleration programs, an independent grant evaluator, an angel investor, and a mentor in +100 tech startups, advising them on their business decisions. Through multiple 1:1 mentoring activities or through specific programs, she was actively involved in the development of the national startup ecosystem. Thus, she became an ambassador of technological innovations, a promoter of sustainable change, and a supporter of initiatives regardless of the field of applicability, from ideation to MVP, go-to-market, and access to private funds/VC, angels. Over the years, she has been actively involved in entrepreneurship education and activities, mentoring, business development consulting, creating, and organizing incubation and acceleration programs dedicated to entrepreneurial training, and interacting with the world of multinationals and startups.

Andrei Ilie

Andrei Ilie is an engineer and sales specialist with over 5 years of experience in the field. He graduated from the Polytechnic University of Bucharest and is a Research Scientist at the National Research and Development Institute for Environmental Protection, Department of Numerical Modelling and Geographic Information Systems, and is currently working as ID/LED Technical Sales Engineer at LG Electronics. With his calm, serious nature and a well-developed team spirit, he puts his experience and technical knowledge at the disposal of his customers and partners. His ability to analyze data and technical thinking helps him in identifying problems and finding effective and innovative solutions. With his extensive experience and technical knowledge, Andrei is a valuable member of the LG Electronics team and contributes to the development of innovative and sustainable technology solutions.

Andrei Cosmin Munteanu

Tech-savvy traveler, Community Manager @ Growceanu, and running all over the place. Co-founder & CEO at Coworking Timisoara, Startup Survivor true believer, always on the lookout for a good espresso. Let’s discuss startups, tech & motorcycles.

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