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Torino Municipality (Italy) & Ilfov County Council (Romania) are creating Local Green Deals – concrete action plans through which local public and private stakeholders work together towards achieving the green transition.


  • Steering groups formation
  • Co-creation of the Local Green Deals
  • Support for the local SMEs to create new green products/services

Are you an SME from Torino or Ilfov? Join the SME4GREEN support program!

20 SMEs from the two territories will be selected to join our acceleration program. The acceleration program will be delivered by Măgurele Science Park and 

Program pace and timeline: enrolment until 25 Sept 2023 (deadline extended!), tailor-made calendar to be agreed with your mentors

Program tracks:

  1. Sustainable business models
  2. Innovation management

Are you an SME in Torino or Ilfov, eager to reach new business horizons and become a forerunner in your field? Welcome to the SME4GREEN support program, a game-changing opportunity meticulously crafted for those who dare to innovate, embrace sustainability, and truly make a positive difference.

In this fast-paced world, businesses are constantly being challenged to reimagine their models, incorporate greener solutions, and foster innovation at their core. Through SME4GREEN, we understand these evolving dynamics and are committed to equipping your enterprise with the right tools and knowledge to navigate this new landscape. Our acceleration program has been designed through a collaboration between Măgurele Science Park and to empower 20 select SMEs from Torino and Ilfov to catapult into a prosperous future.

Our two-track program dives into the heart of Sustainable Business Models and Innovation Management, providing the keys to unlock your SME's potential. Imagine being part of a community that not only transforms your current operations but also sets you on a path towards long-term success and resilience.

Track A: Sustainable Business Models presents a comprehensive roadmap to infuse sustainability into your product or service offerings. From crafting your sustainable business canvas to strategic planning and perfecting the art of pitching, we guide you every step of the way. Learn also how to capitalize on various financing opportunities, including crowdfunding and European grant funding, and explore the principles of the circular economy, an essential facet of sustainable businesses.

Track B: Innovation Management embarks you on a journey to streamline and manage innovation processes within your organization. Our customized analysis and strategic mentorship on innovation management ensure your business stays ahead of the curve. We provide techniques to germinate and cultivate innovative ideas, helping you seamlessly integrate green technologies and digitization into your workflows, while also ensuring we’ll help you identify ways to finance your innovations.

Joining the SME4GREEN program does more than just equip your business with crucial skills and knowledge. It opens the door to the signature of the Local Green Deal, fostering potential collaborations with the city administration, and granting you access to an international network of like-minded entrepreneurs and innovators. Our mentorship program is not just about the immediate; it's about laying the foundation for a future where your business thrives and outperforms in a rapidly evolving global market.

The SME4GREEN support program is your pathway to an innovative, sustainable business model that is resilient and adaptable to future challenges. Embrace this opportunity, be the catalyst of change, and drive your business to unprecedented heights. Register today and secure your place in this transformative journey. Don't miss out—spots are limited and the future waits for no one.

Track A. Sustainable business models

Objective: The SMEs joining the program will be able to identify sustainable solutions for building new products/services, including financing opportunities

Modules (1-1 mentoring):

  • Sustainable Business Model Canvas
  • Strategic planning for businesses in sustainability
  • How crowdfunding works & is it for my business/products?
  • Pitch training
  • Customized consultancy based on the needs of the selected SMEs

Modules (group sessions):

  • How to develop & run successful crowdfunding campaigns for sustainable businesses/products
  • Financing opportunities for sustainable businesses – including European grant funding
  • Circular economy and sustainability


Track B. Innovation management

Objective: The SMEs joining the program will be able to develop customized plans for managing innovation processes at their level and identify financing opportunities for innovation

Modules (1-1 mentoring):

  • Custom analysis on innovation processes for each SME
  • Custom strategic mentoring on innovation management
  • Methods to grow innovative ideas
  • Tailored recommendations for financial sources to sustain the innovative processes

Modules (group sessions):

  • Methods of Managing Innovation Processes (according to ISO 56002)
  • Methods to integrate green technologies and digitalization in SME procedures
  • Funding opportunities for innovation

General selection criteria for the SMEs that will join the program (both tracks)

We are looking for SMEs from Torino (new! - and greater area) and Ilfov (new! - including Bucharest) who:

  • Are active in the two ecosystems during project implementation;
  • Have the SME status (<50 employees for small businesses, <250 for medium enterprises);
  • Are Willing to commit at least 25 hours for this activity between June and August/September.
  • Will sign the memorandum of understanding for the Local Green Deals or are active part of the Local Steering Group;


Additional criteria for track A. The selected SMEs must:

  • Be interested in running a reward based crowdfunding campaign (5 SMEs from the selected ones will run a crowdfunding campaign on consolid8)
  • Have a community (online/offline; client base…)
  • Aim to launch a new/improved sustainable product/service (they will sell in advance a product/service through a possible crowdfunding campaign supported on
  • Be willing to commit at least 2 - 3 hours/day to promote the campaign during its implementation (30 - 45 days)

Additional criteria for track B. The selected SMEs must:

  •  Have or are willing to add an innovative component/ approach in the organization

Calendar - updated!

  • Application deadline: Continuous enrolment until 25 September 2023(deadline extended!); SMEs will be onboarded continuosly, so you can apply anytime and discuss a personalized delivery calendar with the mentors 😊 
  • Program delivery: June – September/October 2023
    • individual 1 – 1 mentorship meetings  and monthly general group progress meetings
    • Workshop on developing crowdfunding campaigns for sustainable businesses/products with consolid8 experts
    • Meeting with the Local Green Deal Steering Committee/ask for support
    • Webinar on Financing opportunities for sustainable businesses – including European grant funding
    • Circular economy workshop (tbc)
  • Implementation of crowdfunding campaigns (at least 5 campaigns) – on consolid8: November 2023 – April 2024


You can reach us at [email protected] – contact person: Raluca Preluca, project manager.

Who will you work with

The program is delivered by & Măgurele Science Park 

  • We are a Romanian business support organization, dedicated to the development of a national and European ecosystem based on impact, offering stakeholders key tools and resources: access to funding (grants through and crowdfunding through our crowdfunding platform -, access to know-how (mentors and specialists), access to information about impact investments for investors and building support mechanisms for public authorities to support social entrepreneurship and the transition to a green economy. We are holding the consolidated8 festival in Brașov, Romania, presenting solutions for a sustainable and digital future (the first edition in 2022, the second edition confirmed for 2023 with support from the Horizon Europe program, as well as from private partners).

  • Măgurele Science Park Association is an initiative of the Ilfov County Council Romania launched in 2016, which aims to increase regional competitiveness through technological transfer and innovation. The Association's activity revolves around the idea of community: a strong and visible one, which brings together the ecosystems of business, research and education to create favorable contexts for new collaborations. Currently, the #MSP community has over 200 members, and the principles that govern our activity are: diversity, respect, knowledge sharing and innovation. More details can be found here.  

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